Machinery & Equipment
A State-of-the-art weaving and processing plant enables us to produce various kinds of fabrics such us cotton viscose, polyesters and its blends, lycras, corduroy and yarn-dyed. SPPL is also known for its experties in manufacturing fabrics with fire retardant, PU & water repellent finishes. SPPL believes in continuous improvement, and invests in technology up-gradation and product development.
  • Toyota Air Jet Looms
  • Sulzer Micro-processed 143" Looms
  • Warping and sizing
  • Weaving Design Software
  • Monfort (Germany) Continuous Dyeing Range, with On-Line computer & E-Control
  • Kleinwefers Bicoflex Padder equipped with Computerized Pleva
  • Menzel fully automatic chain-type Mercerizer
  • Menzel open width Continuous Bleaching Rance
  • Franz Muller (Germany) Cutting, Brushing & Polishing Plant for corduroy & Velvet
  • Osthoff Singeing & Desizing Machine
  • 12 Color Rotary Printing Machine.
  • Fong's PLC based HTHP Yarn Dyeing Plant
  • Seven Chamber Continuous Washing Plant
  • Sueding/Brushing Machine (LIZA)
Test Lab Equipment
  • Color Matching Computer- Macbeth 7000 A
  • Macbeth Color Matching Cabinet - Spectra III
  • Labortex Rapid Dye Continuous Dyeing Range
  • Washing Fastness, Shrinkage Testing, Rubbing Fastness
Social Accountability and Environment
At SPPL, we believe in working par excellence and our work force is our biggest strength. They work in a clean environment and work space, so that they can give the best of their performance. SPPL offers unbiased employment opportunities to all deserving candidates.
SPPL is equipped with ETP to treat discharged water. It also promotes Organic Cotton products which are environment friendly, and follows Oeko-Tex Standards.